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Fisioilles was establishing on November 2011 in calvia. Since then is offering its patients a personalize physiotherapy service for the treatment of injuries and pain pathologies.

Our aim is to provide high quality, affordable physiotherapy solutions and deliver effective treatments results based on our experience and most resent techniques.

Respiratory Physiotherapy

What is it?

In last decades a great number of infant respiratory illness have been developed, related to changes in germs responsible of respiratory infections, a predominance of viral infections among bacterial infections and the genetic predisposition as much as environmental factors related to pollution.

In France a pioneer country on respiratory physiotherapy, it has been common practice for more than two decades. The treatment of infant respiratory pathologies; pediatricians  use it as a primary treatment (covered by the social security system) whit can lead to decrease or avoid, in many cases, the use of medication.

In Spain we are just starting the practice of this technique, they are often recommended by both pediatricians and pulmonologist.

The object of respiratory physiotherapy is to clear the bronchia in order to avoid pulmonary infection.

The treatment is developed on three stages: manual techniques to enable chest clearance, mobilize and removal of secretions. There is no pill, syrup or aerosol as effective as a respiratory physiotherapy session.

The number of sessions depends of the pathology of each patient; usually 4 or 5 sessions are enough for bronchiolitis.

Any diseases related to respiratory problems like bronchitis, asthma, bronchiolitis, pneumonia, ect can be treated effectively whit physiotherapy, including respiratory diseases in preemies.

The sooner the patient starts whit the therapy less sessions will be needed.

So we can say that this therapy may be a turning point in the solution of respiratory problems.


Manual physical therapy


Is a specialized form of physical therapy delivered whit hands as opposed to a devise or machine. In manual therapy hands are used to put pressure on muscle tissue and manipulate joins in  attempt to decrease pain caused by muscle spasm, muscle tension and join dysfunction.

Dry needling


Similar to acupuncture, dry needling involves inserting thin needles into trigger points or hyper irritated muscle tissue. This therapy is designed to release trigger points by engaging and twisting the muscle fibers whit the needle.



Kinesio-Taping are elastic bands that are applied on the affected area releasing tensions, they allow complete movement to the patient and reinforces muscle and joins.



A therapeutic system based on manipulation of the muscles and bones to promote structural integrity to restore or preserve health.



Is a set of techniques that use electrical energy to therapeutic and healing purposes

Active rehab


Is a program of physical activities whit the patient cooperation that involves stretching and muscle development among others for improvement of health or correction of physical deformity


Our physiotherapy office is located in a shopping area at ground floor level  with easy access to patients and free parking right in front of our doors. Patients can easily reach the office, according to sanitary and local government laws we have disabled access , and doors and bathrooms are wheelchair accessible.

We have  two independent boxes to treat patients, exercise room to work on postural reeducation and walking reeducation among others, and a very comfortable and cozy waiting room



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Treatments can be fully covered by extended helth care or motor vehicle accident plans.